The Dash Brain

Draw Date: Dec. 9, 2018, 5:49 p.m.
Prize: 0.400020 Dash
Ticket Price: 0.050000 Dash
No. of tickets sold: 21
Owner: kanuuker
Winner: Anonymous

Project summary

The Dash Brain is a map of the entire Dash ecosystem that functions both as a central learning resource and as a historical record of our revolutionary DAO.

Project description

I am raising funds to help support me develop The Dash Brain. The Dash Brain is an attempt to create a map of everything in the Dash ecosystem. It is a central resource one can use to learn just about everything there is about Dash. It also functions as a historical record of the growth of the Dash ecosystem which I think is very imprortant for something so revolutionary and groundbreaking as the Dash DAO.

I launched the Dash Brain in August of this year and it has already proven to be a great resource used by many to look up information about the various entities in the Dash ecosystem. To date, it has been a labor of love and I have asked for no compensation, instead relying on donations. I currently have no plans on submitting a proposal to the treasury or Dash Boost, there are projects that need the money more than I do, but it still would be nice to earn a little as I have put in many, many hours developing The Dash Brain. I would greatly appreciate you supporing me by buying a ticket for this raffle. Thanks!

Developer: Chris Webb - kanuuker