Requesting crowd-funding for 5 Dash fee for 2 conferences in Sudan and 1 in Syria

Draw Date: Jan. 11, 2019, 2:55 a.m.
Prize: 0.120000 Dash
Ticket Price: 0.050000 Dash
No. of tickets sold: 6
Owner: Hassna
Winner: Anonymous

Project summary

Cryptocurrencies are not used frequently in Middle east. People only have small ideas about these type of currencies, but they have never thought about using it.

Project description

I'm Hassna from Tunisia , i have worked with DCG team member (@strophy) for many months As Arabic Translator , I have done website, mobile wallets, Dash Core, MyDashWallet and D-A-CH Embassy informational materials. And my last proposal was Translation Dash Docs Into Arabic it's was completed , you can check it out here.

I propose to prepare and host 3 conferences will take place in almost all important universities and technology schools of the Middle East. I advertise to ensure the people in our target audience attend our conferences. Each conference will host around 300 people, with 3 Conferences in SUDAN At 68% . This is a good place to begin, because these are the 2 arabic speaking countries in the top 10 inflation countries In the world list

and i'm projecting in the future is much greater. Finally these events will get people familiar with the advantages of using Dash and what good effect that will bring to themselves. I going to generate content and post it on the internet and social media, which will increase the number of people interested in DASH.

The presentations will cover these topics:

  • Presentation of cryptocurrencies in general.
  • Presenting Dash and the benefits of protecting purchasing power with it vs. high inflation national currency
  • Showing charts of loss of purchasing power over 1 to 5 years of their national currencies
  • Showing graphs and the history of DASH currency (including focus on mania of Dec 2017 and depression of Dec 2018)
  • Ideas on how to identify a mania and a depression in the Dash unit price
  • How Does Dash's DAO Work.
  • Showing them the self-employed-income-stream model of how they can become in person-liquidity-providers of Dash units
  • How to download and setup Dash wallets.
  • How does PrivateSend / InstantSend work.
  • Where to purchase Dash units in Sudan


  • Helping attendees how can setup a Dash Sudan team, and continue the work of promoting Dash

Success Criteria

The statistics obtained will be published clearly and precisely on the productive network page, thus providing transparency of the results obtained. This will serve as a study for expansion for other cities taking into account the revision of the strategies followed and the new ones to follow.


Before and after each conference I'll share videos and pictures, and any updates in Discord to track my progress, as I did with my last proposal.

Budget :


Advertising and press management : 250 USD ---> Details: press, graphic design.

Community manager : 200 USD ---> Details: facebook,twitter,instagram,youtube,dash forum,dash nation discord .

Workshop Materials : 300 USD ---> Details: branded folders,branded pens,note

Travel and Hotel Expenses : 1500 USD

Production :

Authorization cost : 450 USD ---> Details: university administration, authorities.

Catering : 300 USD ---> Details: for the participants and the crew.

Insurance : 300 USD ---> Details: overage in case of personal accidents during the event.

Innovation staff ( 5 members ) : 120 USD ---> Details: 5 innovation staff members , with their branded uniforms.

Registration and security staff : 160 USD ---> Details: 3 security staff members and 3 registration staff members

Cameraman : 200 USD ---> Details: photo taking , selection and enhancing.

Conference speakers : 200 USD ---> Details: specialist in every subject.

Video recording : 200 USD ---> Details: complete recording of the entire event.

Video editing : 180 USD ---> Details: 3 video for youtube.

English translation = 120 USD --->Details: 1 article per event.

English subtitles = 120 USD --->Details: 3 video for youtube.

10 Dash available for direct in person purchase by attendees (to give an easier consumer experience to 1st time purchasers of our product)

Dash Proposal cost = 5 Dash

Total for 3 conferences : 4600 USD / 71 Dash